Whiskey Stones

Do you hate it when your beautiful tasting whisky gets watered by the ice cube ? Then I have the perfect solution for you.whiskey stones Whiskey Stones! They are made from Natural Soapstone. Chill Your Drink while preserving its flavor and not watering it down. Just put those awesome and high quality stones in the freezer for a couple hours and you are ready to use them. Use those whiskey stones also for you tequila, vodka or gin drink.

And don’t worry if you could break your teeth on those rocks, it’s not possible. 3 Stones should be enough to cool your whiskey and then you can enjoy the awesome flavor of your whiskey. They are also pretty easy to clean. Just clean them under water and they are again ready to use for your next glass. Its also a perfect gift for your whiskey lover friend. Every whiskey lover would be happy to have a couple of these stones.

Plus they look very cool in you glass and make your drink even more unique. So make sure to buy a set of high quality whiskey stones today !whiskey stoneswhiskey stones
whiskey stones


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