Great American Flask

With this flask, you are ready to drink your whiskey in a stylish way anywhere you want. The great American flask is made of high-quality copper and it’s also handmade.

Copper is perfectly made for whiskey that means it will not change the flavor our your wonderful spirit you are drinking. Either it’s bourbon or scotch the great American flask is just made for it!great american flask

It fits in almost every pocket so you always have a little booze with you. Just in case you need it or if you want to save money when you are going out.If you have a great friend that loves whiskey and he deserves this flask.I guarantee that everybody who will get this flask as a gift will be blown away.

great american flaskBack in the days the old moonshiners used copper for their moonshines so make better sure that your whiskey will not get in touch with some iron instead buy this awesome flask to give your whiskey the best protection it can have! So if you are looking for an awesome flask then this is the best I can recommend to you!great american flask


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